08 March 2024

The Essence of Wandering
Oil and Cold Wax on canvas


I switch between working with acrylic and oil and cold wax  (OCW) to stop me getting bored with one medium. My work looks different depending on the medium. My acrylics are smoother and have more luminosity, while my OCW paintings have more texture which I love.

The painting above is an example of one of my oil and cold wax paintings and you can see the texture.

Currently I’m working on two new works using oil and cold wax with a limited palette of yellow, red (in the form of magenta and alazarin crimson) and purple plus black and white. For the first time, I’m using Arches oil paper as the substrate because the paper is easier to store.

 I am not a fan. The paint doesn't move nicely for me and I’m finding it hard to to get into the flow and 'zone'. I miss the grip of the canvas and I can’t get much texture going. apart from where I carve into the paint for some of the line work. I’ve used a lot of paint so far but I’m hoping if I keep going, maybe it will get to the sweet spot. Share your experiences using OCW on paper in the comments below.


Works in Progress OCW on paper

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