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Windsor Art Fair - done and dusted

Windsor Contemporary Art Fair is done and dusted and we are back home again. This time we combined the trip to the Windsor Art Fair with a trip up to Nottingham for a family birthday celebration. The trip over was pretty unremarkable with the weather smiling on us all the way. The only bugbear was the crossing at Dartford which took ages with no obvious reason for the delay.

At Windsor, set up was Friday morning at the Racecourse. There is always a sense of excitement and anticipation when entering the building for the first time at an art fair and seeing all the blank stands, knowing that in a few hours beautiful original art will be on display.

Friday was private view time with lots of art lovers viewing the art with a glass of wine in their hands. The atmosphere was buzzing, and I was pleasantly surprised when the purchaser of my Prince's Trust painting introduced herself. This was closely followed by two collectors who were in the queue wanting to buy the Prince's Trust p…

Congratulations! Your painting, "Dancing on the Inside"...

Congratulations! Your painting, "Dancing on the Inside", was selected as part of the FAV15% (jury's favorite 15% of the entries) in the August 2018 BoldBrush Painting competition.

Thank you Boldbrush, you made my day.

View the other FAV15% paintings here:

Weekly News Update from Artbymarion

I'm at a bit of a loose end this week as I cannot paint and the heat wave is in full swing.

I attended the first Cannes International Contemporary Art Fair last weekend and will write-up my experiences to share with you maybe next week.

After the fair, I had a hand op last Tuesday for Dupuytrens contracture. It's a minor op as operations go, but it means painting is out of the question at the moment - I've been sternly told not to get my hand wet for at least two weeks. I can now move most of my fingers and so at least type with one and a half hands.

I've discovered I'm not very good working with my left hand, so I think some painting exercises with my left hand is in order to work on that right brain activity. It has given me a new appreciation of how lucky I am to have all my working parts and also have a new found admiration for things people with disabilities can do.

Works on Paper 

It's been a while (like years) since I seriously worked on paper and I wante…

Tuesday Painting Tip by Marion Hedger

Work in Progress Acrylic/mixed media on paper
When getting close to completing a painting, looking at the painting through a mount helps to focus on the painting. 
It's quite amazing how different the painting looks and it helps to highlight areas needing more work. I will also leave the mount on as I'm putting in the finishing touches.

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Artwork in a Room, which app do you use?

DISRUPTED NARRATIVE by Marion Hedger 60x60cm on cradled panel Framed in a white floater frame Overall size 65x65cm AVAILABLE

I'm gradually adding room views on my website to make is easier to visualise the art in a room.
Often I use room mock-ups, usually from Mockup World but these involve using Photoshop to get the full benefits from the different layers. I only have Photoshop Elements which is OK but doesn't give the full functionality and often involves a lot of fiddling.
Just lately I have been using the WallApp app which is easy to use but has a limited number of rooms with a sofa.
Se7en is the MAGIC NUMBER by Marion Hedger 60x60cm on cradled panel Framed in a white floater frame Overall size 65x65cm AVAILABLE

With the two paintings above I framed the pieces with a white frame similar to those I use in real life (my framed photos did not work out very well) in PSE first. Now I have the frame, creating more room photos will be easy.

What apps do you use to show your art i…

Artwork Exhibition at View Gallery

Art by Marion Hedger exhibition at View Gallery in Thames Ditton
There is still time to see this exhibition, it runs until the end of next week. Thames Ditton is a typical small English Village near Hampton Court Palace. Contact me or the gallery for information on any of these paintings.

Would you like something made exclusively for you? Let's discuss your requirements.

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