29 June 2014

Working loose and suggestive - "Golden Path" oil palette knife painting

Golden Path palette knife painting
15x15cm (6x6inch)
Oil on box canvas 1.5cm (5/8inch) deep
Available on Dailypaintworks

Another exercise in keeping things very loose and suggestive, but using a slightly different technique than used on "Distant Mountain". With this painting I did not blend the strokes but used single strokes and left them alone (well mostly!). I finished the painting off by splashing colour on the foreground to suggest flowers.

Here are the two paintings side by side. Which technique do you prefer?

14 June 2014

Distant Mountain Palette knife oil painting

Distant Mountain Palette knife painting
15x15cm (6x6")
Oil on box (gallery wrapped) canvas
This painting is available by auction on Dailypaintworks

This little painting is a bit of an experiment, I was reading an article about loose foregrounds and decided it would be good to try out the ideas. I painted into a layer of liquin to give me a smooth surface. I flattened out most of the first layer of paint with the palette knife. In the second layer I used thicker paint to give texture. Finally I splattered water-soluble oils mixed quite thinly water over the foreground. I enjoyed painting this and like the way it came out. I think I was able to loosen up as I didn't use a reference.

A close-up of the surface

13 June 2014

Provence Poppies Landscape, Palette knife oil painting

Provence Poppies No. 1
Palette knife oil painting
4.75x4.75 inches
Oil on gessoed MDF panel
This small painting is for auction on Dailypaintworks and has been chosen for the DPW auction picks.

I can hear you asking - "Why 4.75x4.75 inches?". Blame my husband! I asked for 5x5" pieces from a larger board, but somehow they turned out a little smaller.
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06 June 2014

Le Petite Cabanon Provence, oil palette knife Landscape Painting

Le Petite Cabanon Provence Landscape Painting
18x24cm Palette knife painting
Oil on MDF canvas panel
Available in my Etsy store

These little cabins are scattered throughout the Provence countryside. I wonder what they are used for, are they barns or for habitation?

About this Painting
I sometimes feel I put too much detail in the foreground of my paintings, so with this one I used broad swipes of the palette knife with the colours in the rest of the painting. The painting turned out quite high-key but I resisted the urge to tone it down as it has a nice lively look about it. Let me know if you think.

A few close-ups

03 June 2014

Autumn Vineyard in Sunlight Palette knife painting

Autumn Vineyard in Sunlight
Palette knife painting
Oil on canvas MDF board
18x24 cm (approx 7"x10")
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This is a view of a vineyard in the Var with The Maures in the background.

I took photos on a recent trip (the same one where I photographed the cork tree) but as it was springtime I used my imagination with the autumn colours. This was probably a reaction to having painted the scene with the spring colours. The spring version is slightly larger and I will post it later when it has dried.