27 November 2020

Flower Paintings - Studio Clearance/Black Friday

Impressionist floral paintings on sale.

As the end of the year draws closer, I'm starting to think of my 2021 plans for my art business.

I have several ideas mulling around in my head, but what I do know is that I want to continue concentrating on evolving my abstract art and painting larger. 

My studio ( a spare bedroom) is not large and I need to make more space. To coincide with Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, I'm offering some of my retrospective impressionist florals at 50% discount. Among them are some of my favourites that have been in my collection, but I am now ready to let them go to brighten another home.

I have four on my website at the moment, and will gradually be adding more over the next couple of days so don't forget to check back in tomorrow.

Contact me if you have any questions

04 October 2020

Sunday Photofunia Fun...

I like to use photofunia to play and enlarge my paintings, just to imagine how they would look large.

I have never painted this large, but a commission would be interesting ...

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24 September 2020

Edges of Illusion Special Merit Award


40X40cm (approx 16"X16") x 4cm deep.
Oil on canvas
Framed in a simple black tray frame
£600 plus shipping
View Here

Awarded a Special Merit award in the Patterns and Forms competition by Light, Space & Time
This was a complete cover-up of what went previously. I was struggling and going around in circles and getting frustrated. Eventually I got out the oils and cold wax. From there on, the painting just flowed. 

Thank you to Light, Space and Time for the honour.

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22 September 2020

Balance of Power - Subscriber Preview and Charity Donation


These three paintings are now finished. They have been released to my newsletter subscribers who can enjoy the preview and be the first to secure them

I am offering them as part of my #artistsupportpledge collection at £200 each.

Those of you that know me, will know how much I enjoyed my trips to Namibia. I immediately fell in love with Namibia and have a special fondness for the black rhinos in the Kunene region. We were planning on going again this year, but, of course, that wasn't possible.

As these paintings started coming together, they reminded me of my time in Namibia. Dawn was always special (even if I did have to get up before 5am), with the mountains gradually emerging out of the mists as the sun rose, and before it started baking the land. A very special time of day.

The Rangers who protect the rhinos do a wonderful job and need a shout-out. They still remain vigilant, while everyone is in lock down. See @savetherhinonamibia and read some of their stories.

Part of their funding is reliant on the tourist trade which is non-existent at the moment. To help support them I will also donate £50 from each painting to Save the Rhino Trust, Namibia.

To snag an early bargain, subscribe to my newsletter and I will send you a link to them. 

NEWSFLASH! Today is International Rhino Day. Help make a ranger's day.

14 May 2020

New Additions to Artist Support Pledge #artistsupportpledge

Acrylic on Khadi paper

Acrylic on watercolour paper
85€/£75 normal retail price 120€
Worldwide shipping included

These two new paintings are painted with a Zorn palette. See here for a previous Zorn pallete post.

I've added them to the artist support pledge paintings. See the original post which explains all about the ethos behind it. They are not on my website at the moment so, if you are interested in either, or both, please email me at marion.hedger@artbymarion.co.uk

Take a look at some of the other paintings included in the #artistsupportpledge on my website.

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13 April 2020


Artist Support Pledge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many artists have found themselves without work teaching, technical support, gallery work, exhibitions and sales have disappeared. In an attempt to help alleviate some of this stress I have joined the ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE #artistsupportpledge on Instagram started by Matthew Burrows - @matthewburrowsstudio and pay it forward.

I reduced the price of some artwork and included them in the #artistsupportpledge on my website. Those shown here have not yet been uploaded but are selling for 85€ (£75 each) normal retail 120€ so leave a comment or email me if interested. 20x20cm mixed media on paper.

The concept is a simple one. I will post images of my work I am willing to sell for no more than 200 euro each (not including shipping.) Every time I reach 1 000€ of sales I pledge to buy another artists work for up to 200€. I am also including my other artworks as well i.e. 20% of sales will go to purchasing another artist's work.

05 March 2020

Expanding From Three to Four

A very bad photo of 'Freedom has no Boundaries' Triptych taken at the Toulouse Art3f artfair last weekend. Next week it will be traveling to the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair, but it may have grown to four paintings, see image below. It is definitely a statement piece (pieces?) so it will have a wall all to itself.

The fourth panel in progress.
I ordered 4 of these canvasses and although there is only one week between arriving back and leaving again, I couldn't resist using the spare canvas. This is how it is progressing. Just covered in heavy gel medium which is milky but will clear when dry and provide a basw for the next layers.

Does anyone know what a set of 4 paintings is called? quadtych doesn't sound quite right!

Each panel is 40x120cm.

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20 February 2020

The Great Thing About Abstract Art...


"The great thing about abstract art is that 
it doesn't need to mean something to 
everyone. You can appreciate it simply 
for its beauty, or you can find a hidden 
meaning that's special and unique to 
your life." 

Emily. Artfinder's Senior Content Manager 

I loved this quote in an email from Artfinder this morning.

It is so true. I can't count the number of times I have heard
 'I don't understand abstract art, but I like this'.
We all need to be bolder and go with out instincts.

Click on the image to see my Artfinder store.

01 February 2020

Art Auction - Growing Wild

by Marion Hedger
30x40cm on watercolour paper

This painting is from my 'Loose and Free' series of acrylic paintings on paper. I don't often use pink as it is out of my comfort zone but it works well in Growing Wild and hints at daring.

The paper has been gessoed and varnished, so can be frame without glass.


Starting price US$110 with a buy it now option of US$200 a saving of $50 on the normal price. Ends 6pm CST

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24 January 2020

ORANGE is...

I always new there was an orange person inside me waiting to get out! Perhaps this explains why there is usually some orange in every painting and this makes me feel good about using it.
by Marion Hedger

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23 January 2020

Current Motifs...

Current works in progress 

One of the prompts in  #21daysinmyartworld by Tara Leaver on Instagram, was 'Current Motifs'.

Leading the viewers eye around and artwork is one of the most important things to rememer when painting. It can be done by using line, contrast or colour, or a combination of all of them.

My immediate reaction to this prompt, was that I didn't really have any 'motifs' as such, but on looking at my current works in progress I can see  small blocks of colour are emerging.

I am using them to add interest and take you on a journey through and around the painting. Perhaps they are stepping stones in my explorations, perhaps just visual interest. I particularly like this motif when they themselves have lines around that don't quite match the outline of the block as in this painting:

by Marion Hedger
20x20cm acrylic on paper

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22 January 2020

Auction of Golden Days

by Marion Hedger
Acrylic on Paper
I've recently put my Etsy shop on hold. I haven't been doing much with it just lately so instead of just letting it die a natural death as items came up for a renewal. I will reassess this sometime in March.

In the meantime I have rejoined Daily Paintworks as it is a site just dedicated to art so more relevant to an artist than Etsy. There is a fee of US$12.95 a month which will hopefully be covered by sales.
Take a look and if you think Daily Paintworks might suit you, the first month is free.

To kick-start my new involvement I have put one of my paintings up for auction starting at $110 or with a Buy it Now option of  $200 a saving of $50 off the normal price of $250.

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21 January 2020

Naming Paintings ...

One of the painting 'wisdoms' is that you should have interesting, descriptive titles for your paintings. For example, 'Red Flowers in a Green Vase' just doesn't cut it. Even if you are painting a landscape your shouldn't name the painting after the location but think up a more intriguing title (I have to admit, I don't quite understand this one). I am very guilty of this because I could never think up better titles than 'Red Flowers in a Green Vase' or 'Lavender Fields in Provence'.

Since painting abstracts I don't have this easy option available and as I think labelling abstracts 'Untittled' is opting out, I had to come up with a better solution.

I use a note book to jot down ideas as and when I come across them. The ideas can come from something I've read, thoughts that pop into my mind, poems, music and even other painting titles which lead to something suitable. When it's time to name a painting, I look through my list and I am always surprised at often a suitable a title  pops out.

What are your thoughts on interesting titles? Tell me how you name your paintings in the comments below.

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