29 August 2012

Poppy Meadows Provence #2 - knife painting

Poppy Meadows Provence #2
15x20cm oil on boxed canvas
Can be hung without a frame.
The poppy field in the Haut Alpes are a lovely sight in spring and early summer. This was a nice change from the lavender fields. I used a palette knife and oil paint with a small amount of liquin mixed in to aid the drying. The liquin also gave the paint a nice consistency suitable for the palette knives. Getting a sense of distance is the hardest part, with the mountains just popping up in the background.

06 August 2012

Provence Lavender Fields oil knife painting

Provence Lavender Fields by Marion Hedger
Oil on MDF canvas board, 18x24cm
Painted with palette knives on a textured ground, tinted pink and allowed to show through to add interest.

A typical lavender farmhouse scene near Valensole, Provence. During the summer months the air is filled with a lavender haze. The fields of sunflowers are striking against the lavender.