11 March 2016

Hidden Passageway oil painting

Hidden Passageway
30x40cm (12x16") Oil on stretched canvas

We have lots of beautiful old villages around us, and apart from a few small paintings see this post here I have not painted any of them. I have hundreds of photos but there is something about painting buildings, however picturesque that I find daunting.

I decided it is about time I changed that and challenged myself to paint some larger pieces. OK this one is not a large one but a step along the way.

About this painting
This is an alleyway in St Paul de Vence my local village. It leads up to a hotel at the top and they always line the ally with flower pots. You often see tourists arriving, and after driving through the narrow village streets they then have to take their cases up this passage and negotiate the steps.

This painting is not as textured as usual, I have reserved the texture for the highlighted area. I scraped the foreground walls several times to give the impression of the weathered wall texture. Tell me if it worked.

Some closeups


10 March 2016

Summer Lavender Impressionist oil painting

Lavender Summer Provence Landscape
18x24cm (approx 7x10inch) 
Oil on 3mm MDF canvas panel

This painting nearly slipped through the net. I painted it last year after my yearly trip to the lavender fields. For some reason I missed posting it! A shame because I really like the way it it turned out.

I thought you might like to see my inspiration photo. As you can see I used my artistic license to it's full extent, adding foreground colour and encouraging the far lavender field into bloom.

Tell me how you would have handled this photo.

Some Close-ups of the knife work

 And how it might look displayed

09 March 2016

Tall trees against the blue sky, oil painting

Sky Reach by Marion Hedger
Palette knife painting
30x60cm (12"x24") oil on box canvas
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Read the step by step process here

The days are warming up and the sun is shining. Spring is definitely in full flow with the daffodils and the early irises blooming. We had a lovely walk this morning along the river. The plane trees have not started to bud up and still stand majestically proud against the bright blue winter sky. Unfortunately, I had no camera with me but I did wonder how I could capture those tall trees on a canvas.

The painting above is one I painted last year. It is of a cork tree not a plane tree, but maybe I could follow the same format. Do you think this would work for winter trees?

This older photo of a different part of  the rive gives you some idea of how tall the trees are.

05 March 2016

Namibia Impressions 21 - Kunene Sunrise painting by Marion Hedger

Namibia Impressions 21 - Kunene Sunrise
30x30cm (approx 12"x12")
Oil on canvas panel.

One of my fundraising paintings towards SAVE THE RHINO TRUST NAMIBIA, in aid of black rhino conservation

It seems to be a growing trend among artists to include a poem or quote when showing their art. I'm not very poetic myself and cannot understand much poetry - but I think I am improving! I like reading the snippets various artists have chosen and we have started looking at poetry with my granddaughter.

Here is a quote that I feel relates to this painting and my fundraising efforts.

“There's always a story. It's all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything's got a story in it. Change the story, change the world.”
Terry Pratchett,
A Hat Full of Sky

02 March 2016

Miniature Sunset Oil Paintings Video

Sunset Miniature Treasure paintings
4"x4" oil on panel

It's been over a month since I last posted. Due to family matters I have been travelling back and forth to the UK and I have had very little time to paint over the last 2 to 3 months.

I returned home yesterday and I have been playing with Windows movie maker. OK so it is not a movie, but I think this is an interesting way to showcase a series of work, What do you think? Is this better/worse/no different than showing the photos one after another in a blog?