27 February 2014

Pretty Purple Primula oil palette knife painting

Pretty Purple Primula
palette knife painting
oil on gessoed MDF panel
15x15cm (6x6inch)
Available in auction on daily paintworks

My neighbour and friend bought me a heap of different coloured primulas the other day. She saw all the different colours of the primulas and thought of me.  How nice is that? This is the first to be painted.

24 February 2014

Deconstruction - abstract painting in turquoise, peach and purple

Abstract in turquoise, peach and purple
palette knife painting
Oil on MDF panel
15x15cm (6x6inch)
Available by auction on Daily Paintworks

This little abstract started life as left over paint. Using my palette knife I laid in the left-over paint in large blocks. I put it aside for a while and yesterday I noticed it again and I was drawn to it and this idea of girders/construction site came to my mind. Needless to say, I had more left over paint when I had finished.

Being abstract it will look good any which way - which way would you choose?

23 February 2014

Red Tulip Still Life and Juicy Duo by Marion Hedger - SOLD

Red Tulip Flower Arrangement
Oil on box canvas. 6x8inch
This painting is on the way to the UK
Juicy Duo
Oil on box canvas, 5x7 inch
This painting is on the way to the USA

21 February 2014

Tango Tangerines Still Life Painting in Oil

Tango Tangerines by Marion Hedger
Still Life painting
Oil on MDF panel
Available  on DailyPaintworks

Another clementine painting, this time with a dark red/brown background. To keep the background translucent I mixed the paint with liquin. This was very effective and I think I will use this again. I also manage to keep the background from getting too heavy which is sometimes a problem for me. Different styles call for different approaches. When using my palette knife I generally like a highly textured thick background but I thought that would be too much for this painting.

20 February 2014

Lemon duo still life painting in oil

Lemon Duo
Oil on MDF panel

I have a lemon tree, clementine and orange tree in my garden planted by the previous owner and they must be over 40 years old. This year the fruit on each of them is abundant, so I have plenty of willing citrus subjects to paint. Their shapes aren't perfect, in line with supermarket conformity, making them interesting to paint. Stay tuned for some more citrus still lifes paintings in the next few days.

Related Painting of some of the clementines

15 February 2014

Sweet Chestnut walk and Coastal Pines sold

Sweet Chestnut Walk
Coastal pines

Both these paintings are now sold. Thank you Liz and Ruth from New Hampshire and Indiana, respectively.

The third painting of this trilogy is still avaialable
Cork Sentinels Palette Knife Painting
18x24cm (approx 7"x10")
Impasto oil on MDF canvas panel
Available on Daily Paintworks

13 February 2014

Red Roses for St Valentine's Day

Valentine Roses, Red roses still life 
Palette knife painting by Marion Hedger
Oil on box canvas
30x30x 3.5 cm (12x12x1.5 inch)
The sides are painted blue so it can be hung without a frame for a contemporary look.
Available for purchase
I couldn't resist painting red roses for St Valentines Day. Apologies to those of you who read both of my blogs for the duplicate post.

Some close-ups of the knife work

12 February 2014

There's always one - Clementine Still life with vase oil painting

There's always one - Clementine Still life with vase
Oil on gessoed MDF panel
15x15 cm (6x6 inch)
Another still life with the clementines from my garden. This little vase is one I made when I took pottery lessons about 20 years ago. I'm sure that anyone who has ever done pottery has something similar - Iron oxide glaze at the top and cobalt blue glaze at the bottom, with the iron oxide glaze running. The excitement was to see how the iron oxide had run down the vase!

About this painting
This painting is painted with a brush. I'm trying to rekindle my brush skills as since using a palette knife it is my tool of choice.

I am not sure about the effect I've achieved. It seems quite static to me and I'm wondering if I should go over every thing with more paint. I'd be interested in your opinion

 See my last clementine painting here

08 February 2014

Irises galore - Miniature Treasure, original palette knife oil painting, 6x4inch

Irises Galore  Miniature Treasure Painting
Palette Knife Painting
Oil on MDF panel
15x10xcm (6x4inch)
This painting is Sold
I can't wait for the irises to come out in my garden. I have some small ones that are the first indications that Spring is round the corner. Maybe then, the rain will stop!
Another fun miniature treasure painting. I was trying to use a limited palette of  pinks and blues to give an idea of a mass of irises.

07 February 2014

White Hibiscus oil painting and reworked Pink Hibiscus painting

White Hibiscus Palette knife painting
Oil on MDF panel
15x15cm (6x6inch)
Bid now in the Daily Paintworks auction

Another hibiscus painting for the wetcanvas.com monthly challenge. This painting has a good impasto texture. The edges of the board have been painted black, making it ideal for display on a plate stand or framed in a floating frame.

Reworked Pink Hibiscus
Pink Hibiscus palette knife painting
Oil on MDF panel
15x15cm (6x6cm)
Available for purchase 62€ int. shipping included

I made a few changes to this - I altered the stamen on the top flower, slightly changed the twigs and added a touch of green to indicate leaves. See the original post here

Last day to win this sunflower miniature treasure painting

Sunflowers Miniature Treasure painting
Palette knife painting on loose canvas
10x10 cm (4x4 inch)
View my other Miniature paintings HERE
Today is the last day to sign up to my monthly newsletter to be in the draw to win this lovely miniature painting. See the top of the right hand column to subscribe.

02 February 2014

Pink Hibiscus still life painting palette knife painting

Pink Hibiscus still life painting
15x15cm (6x6inch) 
Palette knife painting on gessoed panel

This month's challeng in the floral forum of wetcanvas.com is Hibiscus. I searched through my hibiscus flower photos, and sketched out a couple. I eventually I came up with this arrangement. I see a few things I might change tomorrow. What would you change?