30 March 2013

Touch of Provence Sunshine palette knife painting

Touch of Provence Sunshine
Palette knife painting
15x20cm (approx 6"x8") Oil on boxed canvas

We've had a long period of rain, so to give myself a lift, I painted another painting of the sunflower fields. This has a slightly different feel to the first Sunshine in Provence paintings. (see HERE). It is not quite as textured as the previous two.

Again painted with a palette knife to keep it loose and lively.
Here is a close up of the knife work.

26 March 2013

Can I join in? pears and apple still life painting

Can I join in? Pears and apple still life
Palette knife painting
18x24cm (approx 7"x10") oil on canvas panel

One of the pears from yesterday's still life was eaten for breakfast, so I made up the trio of fruits with an apple. It had similar colouring to the pears and was a good substitute. It can't understand why it is different though, and can't join in with the pears LOL.

Take a look at my 'Three of a Kind', pear still life painting

25 March 2013

Three of a kind, pear still life painting

Three of a kind oil painting
Three pears still life palette knife painting
18x24cm (approx7"x10") oil on canvas panel

As a change from the landscapes and florals I have been painting lately, I wanted to paint some still lifes and practise my palette knife skills at the same time. These red pears sitting in the fruit bowl, just cried out to be painted. I used thick paint and had to resist the temptation to smooth everything down. I'll be interested in hearing your comments about this style.

19 March 2013

Lavender Haze Provence, palette knife painting

Lavender Haze Provence oil painting
18x24 cm (approx 7"x10")
Oil, palette knife painting
Another Provence landscape painting from photos taken last year. These small landscapes are a joy and a challenge to paint at the same time. Getting the proportions, perspective and sense of distance correct can be difficult, but the idea and colours  make it worthwhile. Using the palette knife gives a nice looseness to the painting and it is impossible to fiddle.
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14 March 2013

Haut Alpes Plain Impressionist oil painting

Haut Alpes Plain
Oil on canvas panel
18x24cm (approx 7"x10")

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A small landscape, this time using a brush. In the Haut Alpes (France) there are the flat plains between the peaks. Many of them seem not to be farmed and have lovely meadow flowers. I tried to get a sense of the distance in this and chose a different viewpoint than I normally do. Painted on a pale burnt sienna ground, which pokes through in a few places.

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