24 February 2015

Purple Sea oil palette knife painting

Purple Sea
Oil palette knife painting
18x24cm on 3mm canvas MDF panel

Back to my beloved lavender scenes. I was getting purple withdrawal symptoms!

Painted from photos of the Valensol plateau which is awash with purple in the summer.

About this painting
This painting includes a version of the trees I was sketching previously see here. My husband commented the other day that my lavender paintings always look like you are looking down on them. Well that's right! The best vantage point to take the photos from is the verge which is usually higher than the road and gives more of a view and raises the horizon line.

I used a pink ground here and allowed it to poke through in places. The finishing touch was splattering paint over the foreground.

Some close-ups

23 February 2015

Return from Namibia, wildlife photos

Arrived back from Namibia over the week-end and have just about recovered from the journey.

We had a great time and should certainly be on everyone's bucket list.

Allow me to bore you with a few photos

Back to painting tomorrow.

03 February 2015

Namibia bound

I'm off to Namibia tomorrow for 2 weeks.
 If I was smart I would have painted a desert elephant to post, but I have only just thought of that!. Instead here are some of my miniature treasure floral paintings I painted last week. Planning for the trip (rather a last minute decision) has taken a lot of time.

The yellow ones were inspired by a yellow daisy bush flowering in the garden, the only thing adding any colour at this time of year. The white ones followed the theme.

All oil on mini box canvas, painted with a palette knife. The petals have very thick paint.

Available in my Etsy shop

02 February 2015

Provence in bloom, Poppy field in Provence oil painting

Provence in Bloom
Palette knife oil painting
30x40x2cm (12x16inch)
Sides painted black.

About this Painting
Another painting, this time larger, of the wild flower meadow photo I took last summer, see here. I used a bit of artistic licence and enhanced the poppies. As you know, I do like red!

Some close-ups

And how it might look framed