21 July 2013

Village Nook and Crannies Palette Knife oil painting, 6x8inch

Village Nook and Crannies
6"x8" oil on box canvas
Palette knife painting
The sides are painted black so it can be hung without a frame
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I live in an area of France that is well known for its 'perched' villages. They are built on top of the hills, generally to protect the population from the Moorish invaders in the middle ages. These villages have lots of small streets, alcoves, alleyways and arches. It is easy to loose your sense of direction with all the twists and turns. I always take loads of photos but to date I have not painted any of them. So, starting with a small box canvas, I decided it was about time LOL. I like the texture achieved on the closest wall.

16 July 2013

Painting exhibition in Le Rouret

i am part of a group of local artists called "Peintres dans la rue" (Painters in the street). During the summer months we exhibit our paintings in the streets of the perched villages that this area is known for. It is always a wonderful backdrop for the paintings. Yesterday we exhibited in Le Rouret. It was a beautiful day and the plane trees in the square provided lots of shade.
 On Saturday we go to Opio.

13 July 2013

Camargue Sunrise palette knife painting in oil

Camargue Sunrise with flamingoes
18x24cm oil on MDF canvas panel
Painted with a palette knife

Last year we took a trip around the Arles area and on the way home stopped off at the Carmague a wetland area to the west of Marseilles.
We saw lots of flamingoes, egrets, black bulls and the obligatory white horses.
This is the first of my Camargue paintings and I plan to do several more. It's quite an interesting mix of the flat pools of marshy waters with the choppy waters of the Med as a backdrop.

11 July 2013

Container Gardening - a couple of paintings

Potted Glory and Container Colour are two of my latest floral paintings. I have detailed the process with some work in progress photos on my art of flower blog. Please go and check out the process.

07 July 2013

Lavender corner, Provence landscape knife painting

Lavender Corner, Provence Landscape
palette knife painting
20x15cm (8"x6") 
Oil on boxed canvas
another lively Provencal landscape showing a slightly unkempt lavender field. This is painted on a very textured ground which gives lively loose feel to it.

03 July 2013

July 2013 Lavender fields trip

Lavender Farm in Provence by Marion Hedger
Oil on box canvas
15 x 20 cm (6" x 8") painted with a palette knife
Here are a couple of photos from Monday's trip

Some of the lavender was not quite in full bloom, everything seems to be late this year as we have had lots of rain and the it's been relatively cool. I also managed to get some photos of abandoned and dilapidated buildings/barns so expect to see some of these in future paintings.

02 July 2013

Poppy field in Haut-Alpes Provence

Meander through the Poppy fields
Oil palette knife painting
24x30cm on canvas panel (approx 11"x12"

Yesterday I went on my annual pilgrimage to see the lavender fields in the Haut-Alpes. Some of the lavender was not quite in full flower but other fields were more advanced. Everything seems to be late, the sunflowers were still small and no where near ready to flower.

I came across a beautiful poppy field which was lucky as the farmer was in the adjacent field mowing his hay.
The painting above was painted from one of last years photos. Stay tuned for the new paintings from the latest batch of photos.
I shall post a few photos of the lavender fields tomorrow.

view another poppy field painting HERE