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End of Summer, Provence Vineyard - SOLD

End of Summer, Provence Vineyard 18x24cm (approx 7"x10") Oil on canvas panel Palette Knife painting
This painting is sold and will soon be on it's way to California.
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Cherry Blossoms in Kumamoto

We are a little early for the full show of cherry blossoms. We saw a few in Tokyo but the full blossoming will occur in a couple of days time. We have one day in Tokyo on the way home so hopefully will catch them at their best.

We travelled south to Kumamoto, which is warmer than Tokyo, and managed to catch the blossom at it's prime. A glorious sight. Tomorrow we travel to Kyoto which is another city known for it's cherry blossoms.

We've had a good trip so far, and the weather has been kind. I'm just off to give my feet some more punishment as we have another shrine and, yes you've guessed it, some more blossom to see.

Unkempt 1 - Abandoned Lavender Field Take 1 WIP

Unkempt 1 - Abandoned Lavender Field Take 1 WIP Palette knife painting 24x30cm oil on canvas panel (Note: This photo has come up much brighter than the actual painting) Contact me about this or any other painting HERE
When visiting the lavender fields in Provence, there are always a certain number of them which seem to be abandoned and left to go wild. This always fascinates me - maybe it's the chaos amongst the order of the normally straight rows that intrigues me.

I first painted a similar scene last September see HERE. I have someone interested in a larger version but with more poppies in the front, so, never needing an excuse to paint the lavender fields, I decided to try a couple of versions. This is the first one and still needs some more work to make the fields recede more.

SOLD - Autumn Explosion Silver Birch landscape painting

Autumn Explosion Landscape Silver birches in autumn Palette knife painting 18x24cm on canvas panel
In this painting I wanted to give the illusion of the confusion of colours that can occur in a woodland during Autumn. I went a bit wild with the palette knife putting in juicy dabs of colour.

This painting is now SOLD and on its way to the UK.

A companion piece to this painting is  Autumn Silver Birches

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Miniature Treasures 4x6 Collection flower garden collection

A collection of four of my 4"x6" Miniature treasure paintings All available at $40 on Daily Paintworks
These Miniature Treasures have found new homes in the UK and USA If you are interesting in purchasing or commissioning one, or maybe more to make a stunning group, please contact me here

Almond Blossom painting and Cherry blossom trip

Almond Blossom Palette knife painting WIP 24x30cm (approx 10x12inch) Oil on Canvas Panel Work in Progress
As you read this I shall be on my way to Japan to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Hopefully the cherry blossom will be in bloom and I will come away with heaps of photos to work from when I get back. I may also do some sketching while I am there but I am hesitant about painting in full view of everyone.

To get me in the mood, I cut some of my almond blossom an placed it in this vase. The vase is from a set of three, all slightly different but all with odd angled sides. Talk about making things difficult to paint! This painting is not quite finished - I still have to work on the branch on the table and, now that I see the photo, alter the stem on the left.

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SOLD - Where Poppies and Lavender Meet.

Where Poppies and Lavender Meet 15x15cm (6"x6") oil on box canvas This painting is SOLD
An abstracted view of the lavender fields. I like the way this painting 'moves', if you can say a painting moves! I fell like it invites your eye to travel into the scene in a meandering way.
This painting is on it's way to California. Thank you to the purchaser.

Poppy Flower Carpet Palette Knife Painting in oil

Poppy Flower Carpet Palette Knife Painting 20x15cm (8x6inch)  oil on box canvas
You may recognise this scene, it is my favourite scene of the poppy fields.

I have purchase the latest book by Richard Schmid, Alla Prima 11 and my head is so full of what I read, I decided to relax with my one of my favs.

I am trying to read the chapters one by one, but I find his rambling style a bit soporific. I am determined for the info to sink in though. So I must practice with some sketches, but much of his work has a earth tone to it and, as you can see, that is not my style. I do find it interesting and doing some exercises will always help. I do find his work very interesting, especially his florals and landscapes and how he can say so much with out over filling the canvas as is my habit and something I want to work on.
Some close-ups of the painting

Two Miniature Treasure Paintings for auction on Daily Paintworks

Sunny Trio palette knife painting oil on loose canvas 10x15cm (4"x5") Available for auction starting at $36
White Calla Lilies palette knife painting oil on loose canvas 10x15cm (4"x5") Available for auction starting at $32
Both of these paintings were painted with a palette knife on canvas from a canvas pad by Belle Arti from Italy, who also make the canvas panels I use. It is a medium cotton canvas and primed. The surface is quite smooth but it accepts the palette knife quite nicely and I enjoy painting on this surface. I used a ground of yellow on the canvas which breaks through in place and adds light to the painting.

Riviera Woman Artist of the Month

I was over the moon to see I had been chosen as the artist of the month in Riviera Woman and on-line magazine aimed at women of the French Riviera.
Here is the link for the full article. Riviera Woman
All the sweeter because it was a surprise and completely unsolicited. Fame at last!

A lovely lavender day 2 Palette knife painting

A lovely lavender day 2 Palette knife painting oil on canvas panel 18x24cm (approx 7"x10") Available in my Etsy store
This was painted during the 30 day September challenge. I added a few finishing touches to it an it is now finished.

Some close ups of the knife work