24 April 2014

Poppy Takeover - Abandoned lavender field oil painting

Poppy Takeover - Abandoned lavender field in Provence
Palette knife painting
Oil on canvas board
24x30cm (approx 10"x12")

worldwide shipping included
I have painted the abandoned lavender fields before see here. This painting is slightly larger and contains more of the poppies that use any opportunity to takeover. 

About this painting
I started this painting before I went to Japan. After coming home from Japan I looked after my granddaughter during the holidays and then spent a few days in the Uk. So it was well and truly dry when I picked it up again yesterday.

To revive the surface I used Liquin, spreading it over with lint free cloth, leaving it for a few minutes and then wiping off the excess. This softens the dry surface and ensures a good bond between the dried paint and the new paint.

A few close-ups