05 March 2020

Expanding From Three to Four

A very bad photo of 'Freedom has no Boundaries' Triptych taken at the Toulouse Art3f artfair last weekend. Next week it will be traveling to the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair, but it may have grown to four paintings, see image below. It is definitely a statement piece (pieces?) so it will have a wall all to itself.

The fourth panel in progress.
I ordered 4 of these canvasses and although there is only one week between arriving back and leaving again, I couldn't resist using the spare canvas. This is how it is progressing. Just covered in heavy gel medium which is milky but will clear when dry and provide a basw for the next layers.

Does anyone know what a set of 4 paintings is called? quadtych doesn't sound quite right!

Each panel is 40x120cm.

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