15 February 2013

Snow Scene - Limited palette study 3

Snow Scene Limited Palette study 3
10x15 cm, soft pastel on peach card
The third study using lavender, cadmium yellow and dark green (plus a pale blue white) on colorfix treated card.

For me, this is quite effective and it shows how the support colour can be used to good effect when using a limited palette. If I was to work this one up into a painting, I would stick with the same colour combinations including the shades either either side of the colours used here. That would give more variation  in the lights and darks, particularly the lavender. The use of less white would also give a more lively look.

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11 February 2013

Snow scene - limited palette study 2

Snow scene Limited Palette Study 2
4"x6" Pastel 
on Peach coloured card treated with Colorfix Primer
The second in the series, this time using a limited palette of dark green, cadmium red and pale lilac plus white.

You can see that by using complements (the red and green) a more 'moody' or subdued painting is achieved. Compare this to study 1 which essentially used a primary colour palette of red, blue and yellow
Snow scene Limited Palette Study 2
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09 February 2013

Snow scene - limited palette study 1

Snow scene Limited Palette Study 1
4"x6" Pastel 
on Peach coloured card treated with Colorfix Primer
 I have been reading a lot just lately about using a limited palette when painting and how it brings colour harmony to a painting. To work my way through this concept I have decided to paint several studies in pastel using only three colours plus white. Yes, you heard right. As you know I love colour so this is going to be especially hard for me, but I have made it slightly easier by  choosing snow scenes which are, in the most part, monochrome.
For this painting (and the next three), I coated a piece of peach coloured card with colourless Colorfix primer. This gives the card a 'tooth' that grips onto the pastel. I chose a burgundy, mid-dark blue and cadmium yellow plus a white that had a very pale blue shade.
I found I was having fun, which surprised me. The only snag was, that because I limited myself to only the three pastels, I had to work into the pastel a lot to get the different shades. Even so, I like the way this turned out, and I think this was successful. I gradually post the other studies over the next few days.