30 March 2019

Living in Mystery

by Marion Hedger
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Finished with varnish and 
a layer of wax to give a nice sheen that addes additional depth.
80x80cm x4 cm deep

"The contrasting shapes and differences between the solid and ethereal areas can be used as an analogy of the differences in rock and sky or how life works, sometimes very sure and other times more uncertain perhaps when we are trying new things."

Contrasting paint treatement

This painting uses both flat areas of paint and soft scumbled areas to give an interesting contrast.

I used to be a fan of scumbling when I first started using acrylics many years ago, but haven't done any for while. I used to attack the canvas with vigour using a bristle brush barely containing any paint. It'd take a while to get the right effect using one colour on top of another, but I was often away in the 'zone' and wore down many a paint brush. The beautiful soft effect and colours achieved was worth the time. I couldn't quite get back to the zen part with this painting but like the ethereal effect which contrasts nicely with the more opaque and trasparent paint areas.

 I still have some of those paint brushes laying about - what can I say, I'm a hoarder.

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23 March 2019

New Work - Going Larger

80X80cm (32x32inch) on 4cm deep box canvas

I am gradually adding my new paintings exhibited at the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair. This is one of the larger ones at 80x80cm. I have to be practical when working larger to make sure the painting doesn't exceed 80cm so it can fit in the car. I can go a little longer, so I might try a few longer ones for the next art fair.

In this painting I was trying to move towards using larger blocks of colour, with good contrast between the lighter areas and darks. The jewel colours of turquoise and orange intially draw your eye in but the sublety in the darks as well as the whites, keep you entertained. Here are some close-ups to show you the details:

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21 March 2019

Winding Down after Surrey Art Fair

After the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair last week end, I'm taking a few days to wind down. We drove back in one hit (15hours) with my husband doing the major part of the driving. It was the first time I had driven since my hand op at the end of July so I was hesitant to drive, but I found it OK for short periods. it was all motorway driving, so not much strain on my hand. We were going to overnight near Lyon but, as that is only just over 4 hours from home, the temptation to plough on and sleep in our own be was too great.

I started attending art fairs this time last year at the same venue, Sandown Park Racecourse, and have since exhibited at Reading, Windsor and Cannes. They are large organised venues with the stands provided and prepared for the art.

The English art fairs have a great buzz to them and the comraderie between the exhibitors is great, with everyone cheering everyone else on and being happy when they make a sale (even happier when you make your own sale of course). The Cannes art fair did not have the same level of friendship between the exhibitors, but as that is the only one I've attended in France, I shall reserve judgement. One thing they all have in common is that the food is lousy and expensive but I've solved my coffee addiction by taking my own hot water and coffee.

 Last weekends fair was the worst one for me for sales out of all of them, a lot of interest. I have three more booked for the year, so I will assess at the end of the year. It seemed to be a mixed bag with some people doing OK but many also not selling much.

I do enjoy speaking to the art lovers who attend, and as the fairs are my only direct contact with potential customers, it's a good way to make contact in a friendly environment.

The amount of art and variety of art (all good as the artists are vetted first) is truly wonderful to see, so it is worth making the effort to attend as a visitor and spend a couple of hours looking at art and talking to the artists about their art and what type of art you like.

I am at Newbury and Goodwood in May and at Windsor in November. If you would like advance tickets to any of them, sign up to my newsletter as I send out invitations to all my subscribers before each fair.

Leave a comment if you would like more information about the fairs.

Keep up with my latest paintings and works in progress
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