30 July 2016

Art Inspiration, Hollyhocks in Banon

This public garden was reached by a steep path up to the church at Banon here we stayed overnight on our recent trip. The climb was well worth it to find this garden area in full bloom. Not only was it colourful, but the benches were positioned to give a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside.

Many of the village in this area were full of hollyhocks which seemed to be self-seeded and growing in no soil!

I have painted a small painting of this garden and blocked in a larger one. I am working up to do it as a larger painting still.

If this scene appeals to you, I would glady work with you to paint you your own personal version. Contact me to start the ball rolling.


15 July 2016

Reaching for the Sun palette knife painting

Reaching for the Sun
Provence Sunflower painting
18x24cm (approx 7x10)
oil on 3mm MDF canvas panel

After my recent trip to the lavender and sunflower area I had the impetus to finish some paintings started last year. The sunflowers were much smaller and blooming later than normal and did not give their usual showy display. Luckily, I have the photos from last year to remind me. Often the sunflowers are way ahead of the lavender, but probably because of our cold spring this year they will need another couple of weeks. Maybe a good excuse to go on another trip.

About this painting
Another re-invigoragated painting by painting into a wax and liquin mixture like yesterday's painting

Here are a couple of close-ups to show the texture


14 July 2016

Golden Light Provence Landscape Painting

Golden Light
Provence landscape painting
18x24cm (approx 7x10)
oil on MDF canvas panel

Imaging walking in the evening glow of the sun on this peaceful path in the foothills to the alps.

About this painting
This is an older painting which I reworked to adjust some of the colouring.

I covered the painting with a thick layer of wax mixed with liquin and then liberally applied more paint into the layer. It is a fine balance of how much paint and pressure to use on the palette knife. The wax/liquin mix is quite slippy and the paint has to be thick enough to 'stick' but the mix holds the texture of the applied stroke. It also discourages fiddling with the stroke as that just wipes it off again.

Here is the old version, have I improved it? There is always something lost as well as gained when reworking a painting. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Some close ups of the texture



13 July 2016

Shady Place Palette Knife Painting

Shady Place by Marion Hedger
Palette Knife painting
Oil on MDF canvas panel

Imagine sitting here and having a nice long lunch with a bottle of Rosé

Close up of the knife work

11 July 2016

Lavender Wonderland oil palette knife painting

Lavender Wonderland by Marion Hedger
palette knife painting
Oil on artist quality 3mm thick MDF canvas panel,
Size = 30x 30cm (approx 12"x12") 
An impressionistic Provencal landscapes painting featuring the scenery of Provence, France and showing the Lavender fields marching up to the distant mountains. Imagine you can smell the lavender and feel the peacefulness with only the buzzing of the bees to disturb the quiet.

About this paintinng
The thickly applied strokes add texture and movement to the oil painting, a modern use of impressionism. It is painted loosely to give a lively feel and movement to the painting and show off the colours.

I actually started this painting last year, and in anticipation of my recent annual trip to the lavender fields, I had a sudden impetus to finish it!


06 July 2016

Strolling through the Bluebells, palette knife painting

Strolling through the Bluebells by Marion Hedger
Bluebell Woods. Rufford Park
24x30cm oil on canvas panel

One of my favourite parks to stroll arround, particularly in May when the bluebells carpet the floor in blue.


05 July 2016

Possibilities - Intuitive Abstract Art

Possibilities - by Marion Hedger
palette knife painting
oil on box canvas, 6x8 inches

Every now and then I get the urge to paint abstracts. This was quite intuitive with no plan when I started. It's taken a while for me to call it done. I think it has possibilities for a larger painting.

It has lots of layers giving it depth.

Close-up of the texture


01 July 2016