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Varnish beading on Painting?

The picnic Spot 24x30cm (approx 9.5x12inch) Gallery wrapped canvas Varnished and ready to go Available here
I like to let my oil paint dry as long as possible, so normally I don't varnish my painting until they are due to go to their new home. However, in anticipation of the Christmas sales, I've been varnishing some of my paintings so they can be shipped immediately.

I noticed that some of the varnish was 'beading'. Not a lot, but I had never noticed it before. After doing a google search I came across this article which explains that it is the surface oil causing it the varnish to bead.

Well.... I knew I was brilliant and now here's the proof LOL.
The cure is to wipe the painting surface with alcohol or ammonia. For years I have been using a mixture of the two for my general cleaning and I also use it to soften stubborn paint on my pallet. It's a brilliant cleaner and both the ammonia and alcohol are both disinfectants. The ammonia smell is a little off putti…

Win my 2016 Artbymarion Calendar


ARTBYMARION 2016 DESK CALENDAR 12€ shipping included  Available Here

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This is the first time I am offering mycalendar for sale. I usually create one each year for family and close friends. To launch my calendar, I am giving away two calendars, one wall and one desk, to subscribers of my Newsletter to say thank you to my collectors and followers for supporting me on my art journey.

My next Newsletter is out in a couple of days time, so sign up now for a chance to win. If you think your friends might like to see my art, please tell them about this chance to win a calendar featuring 12 of my paintings.

Red Field Provence landscape, palette knife painting

Red Fields Oil palette knife painting 18x24cm (approx 7x10cm) Available
One of my favourite scenes that I keep looking for new ways to paint. I used wax mixed into the paint so see if how it reacts and affect the impasto effect. I am always searching for ways to increase the impasto effect and use less paint LOL. I am still experimenting so will reserve my thoughts on the finish. For now I can say it gives a very matte finish and is easy to paint with.

Some close-ups

Lavender Farm Provence palette knife painting

Provence Lavender Farm Oil palette knife painting Oil on canvas panel 18x24cm (approx 7x10) Available
Back to painting landscapes after the abstract florals and a few commissions and a week in the UK.
I kept it simple for this one and painted directly onto the canvas panel i.e. no additional gesso and no underpainting. It has a nice 'cleanness to it'.

A couple of close-ups