31 May 2019

A Nice Encounter

I returned home from two back to back artfairs in Newbury and Goodwood about a week and a half ago to a non-functioning internet, grrrhh which made even sending and receiving emails difficult, and forget about updating any sites and social media! The good news is, it started functioning again a couple of days ago, so fingers crossed I can now catch-up with all those things essential to being an artist.

 Art Fair Teething Problems
Both fairs were in new locations and the footfall could have been better at both. At Newbury the organisers gave out the wrong postal code and there were serious roadworks happening which also made it difficult to get to the venue. At Goodwood, the signage to the event was poor and the organisers gave the wrong closing times on some of the printed media. Such are the joys of attending art fairs. The true joy, of course, is in the comraderie of the artists and the  lovely conversations with the art lovers.

A Nice Encounter
One nice moment was when a gentleman, who was drawn to the colours in my paintings, stood in my stand looking for quite while studying them intently. I assumed he was another artist looking for clues on how I painted.

I started talking to him and he told me that he didn’t like abstract art but there was something about mine that drew him in. So we had a long discussion about what had drawn him to my paintings and that owning art is all about liking/loving what you see and wanting to live with it.

 I told him about how I try to draw the observer in and keep them ‘entertained’ on closer inspectiion. We had a lovely discussion.

He came back a couple of more times and also showed his wife. Unfortunately, no sale but, perhaps, I have created a chink into his ‘I don’t understand abstract art’ attitude and he will slowly start to appreciate it.

It’s these moments that make the hard work wothwhile.

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