06 August 2018

Weekly News Update from Artbymarion

I'm at a bit of a loose end this week as I cannot paint and the heat wave is in full swing.

I attended the first Cannes International Contemporary Art Fair last weekend and will write-up my experiences to share with you maybe next week.

After the fair, I had a hand op last Tuesday for Dupuytrens contracture. It's a minor op as operations go, but it means painting is out of the question at the moment - I've been sternly told not to get my hand wet for at least two weeks. I can now move most of my fingers and so at least type with one and a half hands.

I've discovered I'm not very good working with my left hand, so I think some painting exercises with my left hand is in order to work on that right brain activity. It has given me a new appreciation of how lucky I am to have all my working parts and also have a new found admiration for things people with disabilities can do.

Works on Paper 

It's been a while (like years) since I seriously worked on paper and I wanted something to complement my works on canvas and panel to put into a browser at art fairs. A block of 14 rough water colour paper sheets were sitting in the cupboard and saying 'use me, use me'. I challenged myself to work loose and free and not be too precious and to use them as studies. Needless to say, I couldn't leave it at that and worked them up into full paintings. I'm very pleased how they turned out and manged to keep them loose and free in the main.

Here are a couple more images. The full range can be seen on my website

Social Media
The use of social media is both a blessing and a curse. Which one is best? How many should I have a presence on? Which ones do you use and what works best for you? I'll be interested to know;

At the moment I have a presence on Instagram, Facebook and my occassional blog posts - one of the things that has suffered due to time conflicts. My  pinterest account is also on the back burner as are a lot of the other bits. I will stay with Instagram for the time being as it's a platform I enjoy. I'm going to attempt some Facebook lives as well as posting the occassional photo, and will attempt to update my blog once a week. I tried Twitter but just didn't get it, I'm a dinosaur at heart.