30 July 2017

Work in Progress on the Easel

These two boards (40x40cm) are on my easel at the moment. My idea is for a diptych with overall dimensions of 40x80cm (16x32) so I am working on both of them together. Whether or not they remain a diptych only time will tell.


29 July 2017

Unusual Tool for Mark Making

I like to work on a ground that has lots of suggestions of colours and some texture that will inform what happens next and help to build up the overall finished painting. I add lots of lovely layers of thick paint in different colours and scrape them back sometimes with a spatula, sometimes with sandpaper or steel wool and sometimes using the magic tool in the video.


28 July 2017

New Abstract Series Published

My first series of intuitive abstracts, 'Connections' are all up and available on my website. Click on the image to view larger version on my site. I am still working on adding more to my abstract portfolio and I think I might be getting a bit obsessed with the proces. I love adding layers and scraping away to reveal previous colours.


To keep up to date with my latest paintings (I added a new one today) as they are released, use the "Get New Art Alerts" link in the website menu.


02 July 2017

New Work Releasing tomorrow

A snapshot of my new abstracts are releasing on Monday to my newsletter subscribers. Subscribe and be amongst the first to view the work and benefit from free shipping. They go on general sale the following week.