20 February 2020

The Great Thing About Abstract Art...


"The great thing about abstract art is that 
it doesn't need to mean something to 
everyone. You can appreciate it simply 
for its beauty, or you can find a hidden 
meaning that's special and unique to 
your life." 

Emily. Artfinder's Senior Content Manager 

I loved this quote in an email from Artfinder this morning.

It is so true. I can't count the number of times I have heard
 'I don't understand abstract art, but I like this'.
We all need to be bolder and go with out instincts.

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01 February 2020

Art Auction - Growing Wild

by Marion Hedger
30x40cm on watercolour paper

This painting is from my 'Loose and Free' series of acrylic paintings on paper. I don't often use pink as it is out of my comfort zone but it works well in Growing Wild and hints at daring.

The paper has been gessoed and varnished, so can be frame without glass.


Starting price US$110 with a buy it now option of US$200 a saving of $50 on the normal price. Ends 6pm CST

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