21 April 2013

Tarn Gorges palette knife painting

Tarn Gorges
Oil on Canvas panel
35x27 cm (14"x11")
Painted on an MDF panel,
mounted on an additional white painted panel to give a border.
Final size to fit inside a standard frame.

I painted this, my first all knife painting from a very old photograph I found in the back of the drawer.

Here is a brief description of my progress:

I first drew in the large masses using a watercolour pencil and then blocked in the lights using warm colours and the darks using cool colours. I used a light yellow for the lightest part to make sure that this area would look nice and sunny. I then gradually added colour wet into wet, in an extra 3 to 4 layers. The first to make the colour look 'real', the second to break up the masses into 3 or 4 areas depending on the light, the third to refine the colour in the masses and the fourth layer for the refinement. I used only pure colour, mainly mixing it on the painting as I went along. I also worked to keep the shadows not too dark but just dark enough.

17 April 2013

Touch of Provence Sunshine Daily painting Montage

A Touch of Provence Sunshine Montage
by Marion Hedger
Another montage of small paintings, this time of the sunflower fields which are scattered throughout the lavender fields. I am looking forward to my annual trip in June to the lavender fields near Valensole.

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13 April 2013

Provence Poppy Meadow Series Montage

A montage of some of the Poppy Meadows of Provence

I thought it would be nice to see some of this series together. It makes an interesting montage and shows how the same subject can be treated slightly differently to give a different look and feel. These are all small paintings some are 15x20cm and 18x24cm and all are painted with a palette knife. They can be both frustrating and fun to paint at the same time. The freedom with using the palette knife stops the fussiness that sometimes creeps into my landscape paintings, but getting the sense of distance and perspective is a challenge.

Click Here to see the individual paintings.

12 April 2013

Poppy Field Provence palette knife painting

Poppy Field Provence
Palette knife painting
15x20cm (approx 6"x8") Oil on board
It will soon be time to go and see the lavender fields blooming. Along the way there are many hay meadows that are awash with colour. The poppies, in particular always call out to be painted. 

This is painted on a pink ground which is allowed to show through to add sparkle to the painting. Using the palette knife and thick impasto paint, allows the colours to remain true. Here is a close-up of some of the knife work
These little paintings take on a life of their own, and tell me which way to go LOL. 

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