21 April 2013

Tarn Gorges palette knife painting

Tarn Gorges
Oil on Canvas panel
35x27 cm (14"x11")
Painted on an MDF panel,
mounted on an additional white painted panel to give a border.
Final size to fit inside a standard frame.

I painted this, my first all knife painting from a very old photograph I found in the back of the drawer.

Here is a brief description of my progress:

I first drew in the large masses using a watercolour pencil and then blocked in the lights using warm colours and the darks using cool colours. I used a light yellow for the lightest part to make sure that this area would look nice and sunny. I then gradually added colour wet into wet, in an extra 3 to 4 layers. The first to make the colour look 'real', the second to break up the masses into 3 or 4 areas depending on the light, the third to refine the colour in the masses and the fourth layer for the refinement. I used only pure colour, mainly mixing it on the painting as I went along. I also worked to keep the shadows not too dark but just dark enough.