10 March 2014

Poppy Flower Carpet Palette Knife Painting in oil

Poppy Flower Carpet
Palette Knife Painting
20x15cm (8x6inch) 
oil on box canvas

You may recognise this scene, it is my favourite scene of the poppy fields.

I have purchase the latest book by Richard Schmid, Alla Prima 11 and my head is so full of what I read, I decided to relax with my one of my favs.

I am trying to read the chapters one by one, but I find his rambling style a bit soporific. I am determined for the info to sink in though. So I must practice with some sketches, but much of his work has a earth tone to it and, as you can see, that is not my style. I do find it interesting and doing some exercises will always help. I do find his work very interesting, especially his florals and landscapes and how he can say so much with out over filling the canvas as is my habit and something I want to work on.
Some close-ups of the painting