23 March 2014

Unkempt 1 - Abandoned Lavender Field Take 1 WIP

Unkempt 1 - Abandoned Lavender Field Take 1 WIP
Palette knife painting
24x30cm oil on canvas panel
(Note: This photo has come up much brighter than the actual painting)
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When visiting the lavender fields in Provence, there are always a certain number of them which seem to be abandoned and left to go wild. This always fascinates me - maybe it's the chaos amongst the order of the normally straight rows that intrigues me.

I first painted a similar scene last September see HERE. I have someone interested in a larger version but with more poppies in the front, so, never needing an excuse to paint the lavender fields, I decided to try a couple of versions. This is the first one and still needs some more work to make the fields recede more.