21 August 2013

Zorn Palette mixing and study

Yesterday I experimented a little with the Zorn palette. I did some mixing on my palette to discover some of the various hues that can be created.
The palette
The mixes 
There are some lovely shades of pink, oranges and peaches in there. The purples are not looking too bad either but I could not make any greens.

Study Painting
Zorn palette landscape study
10x15cm (4"x6") oil on gessoed panel
I did this small practice painting to test some of the colours I could make. This time I did manage to get a sort of green that leant towards the yellow ochre.
The surface was too small for this, so I need to repeat this exercise on a larger panel. Compare this painting with a similar scene using my normal colours
Meandering Path, Landscape painting
15x15cm (6"x6") oil on canvas panel
Palette knife on a multi-coloured ground 
To purchase this painting CLICK HERE
The Zorn palette is much more subdued and would be good for autumn scenes, sunrises and sunsets. I can see that by adding an additional accent colour some nice mood paintings are possible.

I am looking forward to this Saturdays webinar to discover more about painting with this palette.