29 August 2014

Guardian of the view - tree painting in oil using a palette knife

Guardian of the view
Palette knife painting
18x24cm (approx 7"x10")
Oil on MDF canvas panel
Available on Daily Paintworks

This painting is in response to this week's challenge on Daily Paintworks to paint 'Sky Holes'.
The model for this painting is the same one that appears in 'Sunset over the vineyard'. I love the way it twists and turns and stands guard. It was a sunny day but the clouds were starting to build up.

About this painting
This was painted on my usual pink ground after treating the canvas panel with liquitex thick gesso to give additional texture. I painted the tree very loose suggesting the different shades of the leaves in blocks. Some of the sky holes were painted back in to add breathing spaces, or to put it another way, leaving space for the birds to fly through.
Some close-ups of the knife work.