10 July 2015

Come paint with me! and what not to do when plein air painting.

I'm starting to get excited. I am going on a week long workshop in the French Alps at the end of next week with Richard Robinson a New Zealand painter whose painting style I admire. It is essentially plein air (outside) painting. I've never really got into the swing of painting outside away from my garden so this is going to be a new learning experience.

So I have started kitting myself out for the adventure - plein aire easel, rucksack with a seat, water-soluble oil paints etc, etc.

To practice and test my set up, we set off at 530 am on Wednesday morning to drive up our local mountain (1000m) to catch the sunrise and paint. My husband did the driving and brought the hot water and coffee to supply me with my usual morning pick-me-up.  We had a 15minute walk to the spot I wanted and I managed fine with the rucksack.

I set up the equipment

to paint this view. (sorry terrible pic)

and what is one of the most important things to remember? DON'T FORGET THE WHITE PAINT!

I couldn't believe it. After all my planning, to do something so daft. Definitely a senior moment!

So I drank my coffee and blocked in the painting. Then packed up and came home. It was good practice setting up and packing up and I now know how my easel folds together.

The expressionist painting at the top was what I achieved on site. I have worked on it somemore and shall take a photo for tomorrows post, along with some of my other home-made gear.