21 September 2015

Day 21 Namibia Impressions - Sunrise in the Kunene

Sunrise in Kunene
30x30cm (12"x12") 
Oil on 3mm thick MDF canvas panel
Available 2 00euro, international shipping included
50% of the sale goes to the Save the Rhino Trust 
who patrol and monitor the desert adapted black rhinos of the Namib desert
Contact me about these paintings or to commission larger versions
I've really fallen behind with posting my paintings for the challenge. I have been painting and now I have the photos I will be playing catch up with the posting.
About this painting
We headed off early in the morning to track the rhinos (we had a lot of early mornings on our trip - but it was all worth it). How lucky the rhinos are to have this vast landscape to roam around in. The Kunene is a desert landscape that is also very beautiful. 

And how it might look framed