13 March 2018

Most Asked Questions at the Art Fair

40X40cm on cradled panel.
Framed in a white floating frame
Over 4000 visitors visited the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair. It was very busy most of the time from the time the doors opened until about an hour before closing. I'm pleased to say that many of them visited my stand and several stopped and chatted about the paintings.

Similar questions came up time and time again:

How long did it take you paint that?
I became quite adept at explaining that it was difficult to say, as I worked on several paintings at a time for weeks and I won't have any new paintings ready for a while and then several become finished within a short time frame.

Is it collage?
Perhaps it is because I labeled them 'Mixed Media' but possibly also because the layering can make it look as though there might be paper underneath. The 'Mixed Media' tag was used because various media was used in the mark making, e.g. oil pastel, ink, pencil, coloured pencil etc. Perhaps next time I will just say 'acrylic'. I'd be interested in your take on this.

How do you get that gloss finish?
The paintings are finished with a layer of self-leveling get which is brilliant gloss. This is knocked back by a layer of buffed wax to reduce the shine, although it is still quite shiny. This is a finish promoted by Nicolas Wilton and I am still making up my mind on whether I like it or not - my preference is a satin finish.

There were more questions, which I will save for another post.

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