06 November 2011

Landscape - gouache study

This is an experiment in using gouache, the first time I have used this medium.
 Gouache landscape study
16x21cm (6.5"x8.5") on blue/gey paper.
This is painted very quickly with a very limited palette very bright blue, pink and yellow plus a black and white. I was looking around to see what I could paint with while sitting on the sofa as I have a sore throat at the moment and didn't want to venture into my cold studio.

I used the paint straight out of the tube with very little mixing on the palette and hardly any water. I was very surprised at how fast they dried, but they were easy to go over with a second layer. A good medium to use to stop you fiddling with the brushstroke. The bright pink in the sky is because I ran out of white paint to mix it with.

Once I got used to how they reacted on the paper, I found I really liked using them and the effect they gave. I used my granddaughter's paints that I purchased for her - cheap and cheerful - as she likes to feel she is using 'real' paints - she's becoming an art supply critic at the age of 7! So I would imagine that artist quality paint would be even better to work with.