05 December 2011

Landscape Impressions III - abstract gouache painting

Number 3 in the landscape impressions series.
Landscape Impression III  by Marion Hedger
12.5x17.5cm (5"x7") Gouache on canvas board
coated with acrylic varnish
The varnish on this little gouache painting gives it a tough,
resilient coating that protects it from moisture and means it can be framed without glass.
It has been mounted on black MDF board to fit directly into an 18x24cm frame.
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A different view of the landscape to give the impression of birch trees. I started this in the same way as the previous two to give the background colours. Then  using thick gouache and a flat brush, I criss crossed the different colours to give an impression of  autumn woodland. After this had dried, - and that is the beauty of gouache it dries almost instantly - I used another flat brush to wipe away the paint for the tree trunk impressions and then worked back into the silhouettes left with grey and white to give the tree trunk markings. I finished off with the twig squiggles.