10 January 2012

Green Paraqueet Bathing Gouache painting

Bathing Paraqueet by Marion Hedger
13x18 cm (5"x7")
Gouache on canvas panel

Painted as part of the January 'Gouache Corner' challenge on wetcanvas.com. Unfortunately, in the photo, the weave of the canvas is very pronounced, it is not quite so obvious in real life. This is my second bird painting and I love the subject. It reminds me of the red Eastern Rosellas we used to get in our garden in Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately I never took a photo, so have no reminders of them. I cropped this from the original photo which contains 3 green paraqueets all taking a bath. Maybe I shall attempt all three later. This will be varnished to protect the surface and allow it to be framed without glass.