23 January 2012

Hippy Amarylis Gouache painting

Here is another small one I painted for the Gouache Corner thread of wetcanvas.
Hippy Amarylis painting by Marion Hedger
Gouache on mountboard, coated with gesso mixed with grout to give a slight textured surface and then given a reddy/pink ground.
15x15 cm (6"x6")

I used several layers on this to get the correct colour combinations. I did not want to get too thick to soon. 
This is my first flower in gouache - well second really but the first one which was a red rose was a disaster and got washed off. That's one of the good things about gouache, it is easy to reclaim the support.
I am not sure the gouache is the correct medium for florals as it is difficult to blend as it is more suited to an impasto approach. That said though, I have seen some lovely gouache florals done using a more watercolour technique.
I am trying some roses next, to see how I go.