11 May 2013

Lavender Landscape Provence palette knife painting

Lavender Landscape Provence 
Oil on canvas panel
18 x 24 cm (7"x10"approx, painted with a palette knife.

I used a slightly different technique for this mini landscape. I washed some very thin oil over the panel to use as my ground. I let the wash run and mingle to see what effect I would get. This was the result:
I quite liked the drips on the dried under wash and wanted to see how I could use them in a finished painting. Using a palette knife I started to lay in the paint for the top two thirds of the painting. Apart from adding touches of the colours I used in the rest of the painting, I left the background of the bottom third untouched to take advantage of those drips. I quite like the effect on the finished piece and it doesn't feel quite as 'heavy' as some of my paintings. Let me know what you think?
I can see the painting needs some touch ups, so I will post a new photo of the final piece in a few days.
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