07 September 2014

Hollyhock Village, Part 1 - Day 7, 30 paintings in 30 days

Hollyhock Village Part 1
 Oil on gesso laminated wood panel
20x30 cm (8"x12")

During our recent lavender hunt, we came across a village which I shall call Hollyhock Village. Hollyhocks lined the streets, seemingly growing out of the concrete in the road. The roads were narrow enough, barely room for one car let alone a car and two rows of hollyhocks. I took heaps of photos both on the way there  (overcast day) and on the way back (nice sunny day).

Some photos of the hollyhocks

The village is Revest du Bion, Alpes-de-Haut Provence

About this painting

 This painting is part 1 of a pair painted on gesso panel. I did not add any additional gesso to it as they are supposed to be ready to go. Not sure I will do that again! the surface is so slippy and I wasn't convinced the paint was adhering. I've never used Yuppo with watercolour but from what I have read, it seems that this surface is similar.
I used a brush mostly with just a bit of knife work on the wall to give it texture.

I will wait until the paint has dried a little and rework some of the hollyhocks for more impact.

Come back tomorrow to see the the companion piece.

Close up