15 September 2014

Mountain Landscape - Day 15, 30 paintings in 30 days

Mountain Stretch
Palette knife oil painting
7cm x 30cm on loose canvas (approx 3"x12")
from a photo on PMP (Paint my Photo) "Innominate Tarn" by Gary Jones

See yesterday's painting HERE

This is a challenge within a challenge. PMP is a site that offers royalty free photographs to paint from. Each month they have a challenge from a selection of their photos. This months challenge was Mountains. The catch is that the painting has to be in a 4.25:1 ratio, so the winning photo can be used as a masthead.

Oh my, will I never learn! This was quite a challenge and I didn't do myself any favours painting so small. Not sure if this is a keeper. I will sit and stare at it for a while.

 About this painting
I have a pad of cotton primed canvas sheets from Belle Arti in Italy. They are the perfect support for trying out different things. They are inexpensive, so if  doesn't work out, not a lot of money is lost. If it is a keeper, shipping is inexpensive, and they can be mounted onto panel as an alternative.

I've not mounted these on panel yet, but I shall have a try this afternoon and report back on how it went.