02 September 2014

Shady Walk - Day 2 of 30 day challenge

Shady Walk
Oil Palette knife painting
25x30cm (10"x12") on box canvas x 2cm deep
Edges are painted black
Available for $150 on Daily Paintworks
See yesterday's painting HERE

Where has summer gone. It's flown by for me keeping busy with family around - first my granddaughter for 6 weeks, then my son and partner for the last two weeks and my brother and family for the last week. Fortunately they have their own apartment, but when they visit our normally very quiet house turns into a hive of activity (and noise!)  Unusually, I did manage to fit in some painting time. I also painted a little with my granddaughter and that was enjoyable.

About today's painting
This shady arbour at Hanbury gardens, just over the border in Italy. I loved the way the dappled light played through the foliage. I first tried this scene a few weeks ago but it wasn't successful as the support was too small for subject. This larger canvas worked well. Working small has it's advantages as well as disadvantages. Mostly (but not always) they are quicker to paint and great for practicing different subjects and techniques but I have to fight against adding too much detail and creating a too busy painting.

Some close-ups of the knife work