20 September 2014

New Day, Sunrise - Day 20, 30 paintings in 30 days

New Day, Sunrise
Palette knife painting
oil on gesso wood ply panel
20x30cm ( approx 7x12 inch)
Available on Daily Paintworks

After beautiful sunsets for the  last three days, today is grey. The only colour I would need to paint today's sunrise would be Paynes Grey. I delved into my photos and found this one from last November, also taken from my balcony at home.

Both sunsets are the view from my balcony with just a slight turn to the south for today 's painting.

About this painting
I painted the panel with a ground of pale lilac and blue. This gives a more subtle effect in the background than using my usual pink ground. Somehow I do miss that sparkle from the pink, so maybe another sunrise on a pink ground will be coming up.

Some close-ups of the knife work
You can see how the layers were built up in these crops.