17 September 2014

Autumn flavours - Day 17, 30 day challenge

Autumn Flavours
Palette knife painting
oil on loose canvas
24x30cm (approx 10x12inch)
140€/$200 (int. shipping included)

Of course I couldn't do this challenge without painting some autumn scenes. The fall here in Provence is not very colourful, mainly consisting of the vines changing colour, plus it is a little early yet for the changing colours. So I have to rely on photos that others have taken and use my artistic licence! Some sites I use are PMP (paint my photo), Artists Reference Photos on Facebook, wetcanvas.com reference library and morgue file. The standard is variable, but with a little help from Photoshop and my licence I can usually get a workable idea for a painting.

About this painting
I had difficulty with the rocks. I used to be able to paint rocks very well (especially when I used pastels), but since taken some web lesson on how to paint rocks and incorporate them into a painting I have not had a lot of success lately. I certainly need to put in some hours practicing to make it second nature again. Should I have left the rocks out of this painting? Let me know what you think.

Some close-ups

And how it would look in a frame