09 September 2014

Secluded in St Paul - Day 9, 30 day challenge

Secluded in St Paul
Palette Knife Painting
Oil on MDF canvas panel
18x24cm (approx 7"x10")
Available on Daily Paintworks
See yesterday's painting HERE

St Paul is my adopted home here in France. It is an iconic, medieaval  hill-top village and very well known for its art heritage. Consequently it is much visited by tourists, especially in the summer. It is hard to find a quiet corner. I live outside the village but have a beautiful view of the town.

About this painting
I have taken many photos of St Paul over the years, but never painted it. Something always held me back, perhaps it was the thought of all those building so close together and doing justice to something that has been painted so many times by others. This courtyard appealed to me because it is not the usual scene of St Paul. I  now have no excuse not to paint more of my local town.

Some close-ups

And how it would look framed