24 September 2014

Commission Landscape, Day 24 - 30 day challenge

Commission Landscape, Summer in Provence
Palette knife painting
30cmx80cm (approx 12x32inch)
On box canvas (1.5cm deep)

This was a commission for friends who wanted 'something bright' to fill a particular space in a dark kitchen, hence the size. That was my total brief! Luckily they loved it when they saw it. It's still drying and I am waiting to put on a coat of finishing varnish before they return to their holiday home mid October.

Though not strictly part of the 30 day challenge, I have spent most of today kicking my computer because some ******* had bundled some malware with a download I did this morning. So no time to paint today. Luckily, I have managed to sort it, so it will be all systems go tomorrow.