18 May 2014

Cork Tree Work in Progress - stage 3 Leaves

Adding the leaves using mixtures of ultramarine blue, ocean blue, cadmium yellow light and titanium white and the occassional touch of yellow ochre pale.
Because of the underpainting white used, the sky was nearly dry but still tacky. The texture caused by the use of the Ti white and a large palette knife the paint broke up nicely. I never thouroughly mix my paint so there is always variation in the colour.
More leaves, getting lighter and more yellow at the bottom.
After adding a few more wispy leaves to give recession, I reworked some parts of the sky. I removed the green at the bottom by going over it with a light blue to indicate some cloud. At first I thought I would put in a lower tree line, but I now feel this is unneccesary.

See WIP stage 2 HERE

Is it finished?
Time to put it aside and ponder about it for a while. Does it need more leaves? some purple? more twigs?
What do you think?