10 April 2015

Kaleidoscope Trees, a gouache study

Kaleidoscope trees
4"x6" Gouache* on 300g watercolour paper.
Overall paper size is approx. 4.5"x6.5" to allow for framing. 

I have noticed I am tending to blend my paint more and more, resulting in a tighter result than what I am aiming for. With this in mind, and after studying some curren impressionist painters I am working towards think twice, lay down paint once. This is much harder than it sounds. You should hear the voices in my head telling me to NOT MESS WITH IT! I am aiming to have a purer, brighter colour in the painting.

About this painting
This is a gouache study of a group of trees. I have an idea for a larger painting in oil using pure colour and not mixing the paint on the canvas. I laid down a thin wash and then using thick gouache straight out of the tube I placed the paint on the paper. I also mixed paint on the palette before using it on the paper for some of the colour. I love the matte finish of the gouache.

How it might look framed