08 October 2016

Shadowland Updated and WIP photos

24x30cm oil on canvas panel.

The 30 painting in 30 days challenge has finished - Well it finished at the end of September of course, I have just been a bit slow in collating all my paintings and posting.

The 30 day challenges are fun and it really does make you think about painting and producing art. Some work out and others are not so good but it is the palette knife (or brush) miles that count. I included more larger paintings than my usual 18x24cm than I normally do to allow myself more freedom - sometimes making a composition fit on the smaller boards is difficult, especially if, like me, you have a tendency to put in too much detail. Consequently I had a many more not quite finished paintings than normal.

I am gradually working my way through them adding the final touches. I shall share these as I go along.

Today's painting is 'Shadowland'. It needed more work on the shadows and some touching up on the background colours. I am now happy with it and it reminds me of the day we walked through the dappled shadows in the woods at Chateau la Coste.

Here are some work-in-progress photos:

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