15 February 2017

Staying Loose with 'Paradoxical Surrender' via Brad Teare

Sky Reach
Oil on box canvas

Brad Teare's latest post hit a note with me. I feel that my paintings can often be very 'tight' and it is  a constant struggle to stay looser. Often, I find myself overthinking the scene and so the painting gets tighter and tighter. Often if I scrape off the paint the resulting image provides a good loose underpainting that helps the process along. I do have to fight with my logical mind telling me that I am wasting all that paint, which with a palette knife is quite thick, but often the result is worth it.

Brad talks about not trying so hard and often this results in a better painting. This rings true as when I convince myself to just 'go for it' I am often pleased with the result.

Today's painting is one of those where I told myself to just go for it and it worked. It is one of my favourite paintings and I had it on my wall for a couple of years before I was ready to let it go.

Let me know about your experiences with just 'letting go'.