14 February 2017

Summer Meadow Painting and Painting Larger

Over the past few I have been striving to increase the size of my landscape paintings. My main size was 7x10inch and often 10x12 and I painted many smaller ones. These two are 6x6inch

Summer Meadow 1 by Marion Hedger
6x6 inch
Summer Meadow 2 by Marion Hedger
6x6 inch
Oil on box canvas

When working smaller you really have to think of the design and paint loose in such a way that you can say what you want with less details. This can be harder than it sounds. After painting smaller it can be difficult to get back to the larger paintings.

Some of my first paintings I were on full sized mount board (50x70cm) and I didn't think anything of it, but for some reason, at the moment I have a mental block about going larger than 30x40cm (12x16"). So my aim this year is to paint larger.

I have steadily been working upwards with some 40x50cm and 50x60cm and I have purchased some large canvases 76x1000cm (30x40") - did I tell you I was addicted to buying art supplies - and they have been staring at me in the studio daring me to make the leap. Stay with me and follow my journey.

Let me know about your journey with painting large sizes. Do you do it? Do you have to change your technique or just use larger utensils?



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