28 March 2017

Fear - and taking an art course

I've been busy since our return from Namibia, catching up with a 12 week course I've signed up to. I missed three weeks while I was away but I am now on track.

It's a course run by Nicholas Wilton with a team of experienced artist. It is aimed at giving you the confidence to be certain and happy with the choices you make while painting and improving your skills. The graphic above was from a conversation between Nicholas and Cheryl Taves about 'Overcoming Fear and Resistance'.

To quote from Nicholas

"Fear and Resistance seem to creep up in our art process and grab us by the throat, often when we least expect it. It can derail our art making efforts and cause us to feel lousy about ourselves."

This is quite a strong statement but I have found elements of this in myself just lately - not knowing how to take the next steps on improving.

I find the above quote quite motivating, so perhaps taking the course is already having an effect!

Join me in my journey.