24 November 2012

Fracture Abstraction No.2, watercolour abstract

"Fracture Abstraction No 2." Varnished watercolour abstract.
Painting size = 9.5 x 17.5cm (approx. 4"x7")
Overall size = approx 13.5 x 21cm (approx 5"x8")
Initialed on the front, signed on the back

The second in my abstract watercolors.
In the spirit of play and creativity, I let watercolour washes merge together and then using pen, I enhance the shapes and used a bit of my artist's licence to extend and colour some areas. A white border has been left around the edge to enhance the colours. I have stressed the edges to give a bit of a handmade paper look, but this can be trimmed straight. I am enjoying myself with the freedom this brings. Hopefully, I can carry this forward in my more structured paintings.

This shows the 'stressed' edges.