25 June 2015

The Old Roman Fort, Modern Impressionist palette knife painting

The Old Roman Fort
Palette knife oil painting
30x40cm on stretched canvas

The stones featured in the painting are the remnants of a Roman Fort. This area of France was ruled by the Romans who built forts and Colosseums all over the place e.g. Arles, Nimes and Frejus. These remains are up the side of one of the mountains and can be reached after an arduous trek up hill (for me anyway!). The site is overgrown now and is quite shady, but when the light hits the trees the place lights up.

About this painting
I worked at keeping the colour clean and used an orange/yellow to counteract the greens and add a bit of 'zing'. I hope you agree that it worked quite well.

Some close-ups

and how it might look framed